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According to Sokanu, degree programs posting high levels of satisfaction were Women’s Studies, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Applied Mathematics and Philosophy and Religious Studies. Degrees in Operations … [Read more]


Online career support company Sokanu surveyed 22,000 college graduates. The results: jobs most in-demand and high-paying among employers are among the least popular among college students, and degrees with the lowest levels of earning potential … [Read more]

Tuition and College Quality

For better or worse Americans associate high quality with high price. It’s true for colleges and universities. The higher the tuition the higher the implied quality. The fact is that most students do not pay the list tuition and there are many … [Read more]

Technical Skills Employers Are Looking For

Many employers are looking for very specific technical skills. It is often difficult to know exactly what those demanded skills are. O*Net lists a comprehensive list of over 150 very specific skills such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Google Analytics, tax … [Read more]