All About Institutional Scholarships

Scholarships - Merit vs. Need: This story is reported as an “either or” message. It’s not true. Merit scholarships are a competitive tool used to attract the most appealing students to enroll. Merit scholarships are about the institution and its … [Read more]

Most Private Non-Profit Institutions Advertise High Tuition Sticker Prices Few Students Pay

Average published tuition and fees are up 20 percent since 2008 at private, nonprofit four-year universities, the College Board reports. But the actual net price students pay has increased a much slower 4.4 percent. And while those institutions list … [Read more]

Beyond College Rankings

The choice of whether and where to attend college is among the most important investment decisions individuals and families make, yet people know little about how institutions of higher learning compare along important dimensions of quality…popular … [Read more]

The Skills Gap

In mid 2016 there were a record 5.8 million unfilled job openings. The large number of openings was the result of a skills gap even with a very low 4.7% unemployment rate. Not enough job applicants had the skills needed – an opportunity for a … [Read more]