Your Competition

Many are questioning how wise it is to earn a college degree. Those arguing against the decision cite the number of taxi cab drivers with bachelor degree as evidence on why you should not invest in your own education.

It is true that the most recent recession and high unemployment has made jobs scarce for some time. The result has been more educated individuals taking what ever jobs are available just to have an income.

There is another side to this conversation however. Even in the face of slower job growth, the supply of well educated competitors for your future continues to grow. The data from the Pew Research Center shown in the BUZZ Today insert shows that more individuals are earning a degree.

Buzz Today Source: Pew Research Center Title: American Adults Better Educated Than Ever Before In 2012, about three-in-ten Americans 25 and older had completed at least a bachelor’s degree. In 1971 only 12% of adults ages 25 and older had completed at least a four-year college degree. For 2012, a record share of the nation’s young adults ages 25 to 29 (90%) had finished at least a high school education. And another record share – 63% — had completed at least some college.

For those with some college education the competitive implications are clear. Depending on how many credits you have, the additional courses you might need to take can be significantly less than earning a bachelor degree from scratch. Indeed, there are several very attractive ways to get some of the credits you need to complete your degree.

CLEP and DSST examines allow you to earn credit for subjects you are already proficient in. Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) are available from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and some colleges will articulate corporate and/or military training for credit. To see how you can use each of these alternatives to your personal advantage read Your Future is Calling.

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