College and the Adult Learner

My blog answers the question:  “Is a college degree worth it?”

The answer to this question is “yes”… IF.

In addition to the yes you need to know why and how.   I also promise to share even more information what comes after the “if.” Buzz TodayFrom: cnbc
Today, 15 percent of US taxi drivers have a college degree, up from fewer than 1 percent in 1970. The study arrives at a time when news articles asking, “Is college worth it?” have become commonplace. But, although the new report suggests the answer often is “no,” this is a complicated issue, with other scholars defending the idea that expanding higher education will benefit individuals and the economy.
My commitment to you is to give you practical advice and to share what I have learned to help you have a better future. My goal is to help you make the choices today that lead to the “yes” in your life tomorrow.

There are literally millions of combinations of colleges and degrees. It’s important to realize that not every one of those combinations of colleges and degrees produce a result that is “worth it.”  There are lots of combinations that are virtually certain to not be “worth it.”

Today, it is easy and sensational for news reporters to interview someone who has taken on lots of debt to get their degree and now drives a taxicab. Does this mean that if you earn a degree you will have lots of debt and will be driving a taxi? The answer is no,

To keep this from happening you it is important to get the right information.  With good information you can make better decisions before you start taking classes.  For you, it’s not what someone else did yesterday that determines whether your degree will be “worth it” tomorrow.

It’s what you do today and tomorrow that will determine whether your degree will be “worth it” in the future. I encourage you to join the conversation.

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