Your Personal Degree Strategy

The theme here is the relationship between you, your choices and value.  When it comes to creating value for yourself and your loved ones, it is about you.   Buzz Todayfrom: The Wall Street Journal         For many students, college is a smorgasbord of easy courses chosen for their lack of academic rigor.  There is no serious “core curriculum”.  Students spend limited time studying.  Faculty and administrators make matters worse by allowing students to fill up their time with courses like UNC-Chapel Hill’s “Dogs and People From Prehistory to the Urbanized Future” and “Music in Motion: American Popular Music and Dance”. .

Here we are not talking just about economic value but about a much broader concept of value.  In this conversation, the value is much like beauty.  It is in the eye of the beholder (in this case you), not merely on the spreadsheets of accountants.

All of this brings us back to the taxicab driving college degree holders.  What is clear is that a personal strategy to just take colleges courses and majors just to get the degree may have worked in the past, but it certainly does not work in our world today. You are free to make choices of courses on the basis of any value standard that works for you.  But it is not reasonable to make study choices that have no economic value in the job market and expect to get a great job merely because you “have a degree”.  The choices about value are yours.  You need good information to make those choices.

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